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Publish: 11.01.2016

What not to do with Gambling


When gambling and betting are enjoyed responsibly the whole activity can bring an excitement that is hard to be matched anywhere else. Whether you like to place small multi bets on the horse racing and football or you enjoy a few turns of the roulette table as long as you are sensible and thoughtful about what you are doing you will continue to enjoy betting with no problems and hopefully a little bit extra money in your pocket as well. However, some people fall into a hole when betting and gambling and make mistakes that cost money and also brings extra pressures and then betting doesn’t stay fun, it becomes a problem. Below we have compiled a list of a few tips that you should remember when betting and hopefully will keep your enjoyment with betting and gambling going strong.


  1. Only Bet what you can afford – You may think this is fairly simple advice but you will be surprised that many people don’t think about this. If you have a certain amount of money make sure you separate what money you have for entertainment and what is for essentials such as food and bills. Only ever spend from the entertainment budget and never feel tempted to take money that will be needed for essential items like your food.
  2. Never chase your loses – If you have had a bad day betting and your bets have lost and your money is down never try chasing your money back by making other bets. You could very easily end up losing a lot more money as these bets tend to be rash decisions and not very well thought out bets.
  3. Never bet if you have been drinking – This may seem strange as it’s quite enjoyable to watch the football whilst having a beer and the odd little bet. The problems start when alcohol starts impairing you decision making and you start making larger bets and more risky bets. Alcohol makes you feel more relaxed and confident so always make sure you are fully in control when placing bets and not under the influence of drink, or drugs for that matter.
  4. Don’t use credit cards to deposit – If you are enjoying online betting always try to use debit cards to deposit and not credit cards.  With debit cards you can only deposit what money you have so once your bank account has reached a certain level you can not get further into trouble. If you use a credit card you are already borrowing money and with the ease that you can deposit you could easily create a big debt without even noticing and go right up to your credit limit.
  5. Don’t borrow money to bet and gamble – If you don’t have any money left for entertainment don’t fall into the trap of borrowing money to bet with. This could quite easily lead to more financial problems, especially if you have to find extra money to pay people back.
  6. Don’t ever gamble to solve financial problems – Betting is supposed to be fun and entertaining and shouldn’t be looked at as a way to overcome financial problems. It is true to say that not many people win in the long run when it comes to betting. So, although you may win in the short term do not look at it as a way out of trouble as you may well make your financial situation a lot worse.

If you remember that gambling and betting is just fun entertainment and keep in mind the points above you will be able to carry on enjoying the activity. But please whatever you do, do bet responsibly and keep it fun.