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When it comes to a free bet calculator, you’ve come to the right place. A free bet calculator does, essentially, what it says on the tin and works to tell you your returns from betting offers. Here you can work out all your betting returns and sports bet odds with our Free Bet Calculator. Our free and easy to use betting calculator can show you all your sports betting returns from a single bet right up a Heinz bet with 57 different bets involved.









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What is available with a free bets calculator?

This calculator is, essentially, a betting odds calculator. It takes all of the betting odds for a type of bet, and tells you what you can expect to return if it comes in. It can tell you the returns from a single bet, all the way through to a Heinz, with 57 different bets involved. All of the classics are included on the free bet calculator, such as the likes of the accumulator, Lucky 15 and Yankee. Along with using this tool as a betting calculator, you can also use it before you place those bets, quickly comparing how the return may be affected if you change the selections. For example, can you still make a profit from your bet if not all selections come in on Lucky 15? This betting odds calculator will tell you all you need to know, so you have all the tips at hand before laying down your money.


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The betting calculator is especially useful as betting tips for a football accumulator. Footy accumulators are the bread and butter of the sport, with plenty of bookmakers offering accumulator bonuses. This free bet calculator will tell you, basically, tell you whether it’s worth putting money on the teams.

Similarly, this also doubles up as a matched betting calculator. Matched betting only works when you invest in multiple promos, so you can use this as a matched betting calculator for multiple types.

When you are analysing a bet with the betting odds calculator, firstly you need to choose the type of bet. For example, let’s pick accumulator. From there, you need to put in your chosen stake – we’ll use £2.50. You then need to put the odds in for your teams. We’re making a five selection acca, with odds of all 2/1. Once you’ve put the correct odds in the calculator, you press calculate, and it provides you with your returns. For our total stake of £2.50, on a five selection acca – with odds of 2/1 – we can expect returns of £607.50. That’s if our bets come in…

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