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Betting Guide - Accumulator Bonuses

Bonuses accaWhat is an Accumulator Bonus?

There’s nothing quite like winning big with an accumulator bet, with the thrill of seeing all your selections coming in. Naturally such bets have become even more popular with punters with the advent of accumulator bonus promotions from all the leading bookies.

Here at, we’ve got you covered with regards to everything you need to know as to what bookies offer the best accumulator bonuses, how to get them and how to use them.

An accumulator (or ‘Acca’) bonus is pretty much what you would expect it to be. An accumulator bonus is when you get an extra bonus from your bookmaker on top of your winnings whenever you have a winning bet accumulator that qualifies for such a promotion.

For example, you might place five different legs within an accumulator and receive a 10% bonus should all of them win. In general, the more selections you include in your accumulator, the bigger the bonus you will receive should your bet win. That obviously means that it has the potential to be incredibly lucrative.

Not only can an Acca accumulator bonus bet seriously enhance your winnings, but it can also provide great excitement as the games you back ebb and flow. 

By their very nature, any accumulator bet is always going to be relatively high risk but, if used sensibly, they also have the potential high reward. With the added benefit of an accumulator bonus, the appeal is even greater.

Which Betting Sites offer Accumulator Bonuses?

As you would no doubt expect, many of the major online bookmakers offer accumulator bonuses.

The latest information on which sports events are offering such bonuses can usually be found on the bookies’ homepage, or the specific page relating to the tournament or sport in question.

It’s always imperative to read all terms and conditions carefully when it comes to any accumulator bonus offers, as the terms and conditions prior to receiving your bonus can vary markedly from bookie to bookie. Your first port of call for all the relevant information on the latest and best such offers should be

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How Does it Work?

Typically the accumulator bonus is related to the number of selections you include in your bet. Basically, the more selections you have in your accumulator, the bigger the acca accumulator bonus on offer. The greater the risk with regards to the number of legs in your acca bonus, the greater the potential reward.

There is usually an added requirement in terms of a minimum number of legs in your accumulator bet and/or minimum odds of each leg within your bet – so it’s unlikely that you’ll qualify for an accumulator bonus if you want to pick any selections at big odds-on in your acca. The minimum number of selections in your acca bet is typically three, but in some cases it can be four, five or even occasionally more.

Depending on the bookmaker in question, accumulator bonus bets aren’t always available for every sport, or every tournament within any given sport. Far and away the most popular sport for bet accumulator bets is football, with the major European domestic leagues, Champions League, Europa League and internationals being typical options.

How Is The Bonus Paid?

How the bonus is paid when you have a winning accumulator bet will vary from bookie to bookie, with some paying in cash and others doing so in the form of free bets. There may also be minimum bet stake requirements and maximum bonus amount payouts. This can obviously be a major factor in deciding which bookie you choose when placing your bet accumulator.

Accumulator bonus promotions are usually offered for a limited time and might only apply to a specific tournament or league. They can also sometimes be limited to a certain number of acca bonus bets per customer over a given period of time, or the bonus will be voided if you opt to cash-out.

Accumulator Bonus Examples

For example, a soccer accumulator bonus could be restricted to a round of the Champions League and Europa League group matches and only offered a day or so before the first games take place. 

You might also be limited to certain markets with your acca bonus bets with some bookies. In some instances this could be limited to, perhaps, Match Results, ‘Both Teams To Score’ (BTTS) and ‘Team To Win and Both Teams To Score’.

Once you have decided upon your preferred bookmaker, making an accumulator bonus bet is very straightforward. 

When you see an accumulator bonus promotion available on a tournament or league you wish to bet on, simply select your chosen teams (e.g. five teams to win matches in the weekend’s Premier League fixtures). You then place your stake and you’re done!

Other Things to Look Out For

Check to ensure that your selections meet the bookies’ criteria for minimum odds to qualify for the best accumulator bonus and place your bet (also being sure to meet any minimum bet requirements and checking that your potential winnings don’t exceed any maximum payout limits). 

It’s then a case of waiting to see if your bet prevails and, if all goes well, collecting your winnings.